0145421 CHEVY 396-454 1966-00 Gear Drive Noisy

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5.00 LBS
0145421 CHEVY 396-454 1966-00 Gear Drive Noisy

GEAR DRIVE, PQx, DUAL IDLER, CHEV 396-454 1966-90, Noisy, Made in USA

Replace your timing chain with a PRW Dual Gear Drive Set. These dual idler gear drives require little or no rebuilt machining. PRW steel alloy gears add longevity. Axial needle and cage thrust bearings and or/silicon bronze bushings reduce friction. Unlike timing chains, gear drives will not stretch or wear prematurely under extreme conditions. Offset bushings allow for easy cam indexing and timing changes.


  • Easy to install
  • SAE 660 bronze thrust ring
  • Rugged gear drives offer high-precision timing
  • Available in noisy or quiet (for most applications)
  • Dual idler gears for more stability than single gear drives
  • Offset bushings for easy cam indexing (for most applications)
  • Fits under most stock timing chain covers (occasional minor machining may be required)
  1. Camshaft Gear Attachment: 3-bolts
  2. Maximum Advance/Retard at Camshaft: 8 degree
  3. Maximum Advance/Retard at Crankshaft: 16 degree