0628315 Nitro Carb Rocker Arms 1.5 x 3/8"

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70.40 LBS
0628315 Nitro Carb Rocker Arms 1.5 x 3/8"

PRW Power Plus+ Nitro Carb Rockers 

Power Plus+ Nitro-Carb Steel Stud Mount Rocker Arms help flex associated with OEM or aftermarket stamped rocker arms at high RPM. Gas nitride is a process is used to increase surface hardness significantly. When combined with highgrade steel rocker bodies, the result is improved durability, better lubrication and less wear on rocker arms and pushrods. The added benefit is a dramatic increase in the stability of the rocker arm
when used with higher valve spring pressures. Nitro-Carb rocker arms are an excellent choice for circle track racers looking for the extra performance “edge” when used in conjunction with other component parts. Designed with a long slot for ¾ race and mild performance camshafts. OEM design elements with standard rocker arm pad meet most circle-track sanctioning body rules and regulations.



  • - Nitro-Carb rocker arms specifically designed for higher spring pressures and hardened pushrods
  • - Racing or performance replacement rockers for engine rebuilds with stock or powerplus+ Cams
  • - Reduced noise and slop the flex associated with worn or lesser quality stock rocker arms
  • - Adjusting nuts and pivot balls are included where required for installation
  • - Long slot for ¾ race and mild performance camshaft compatibility