1642981 - Big Block Ford 429-460 1969-1978, 28oz Balance, 30 lbs, 176 Teeth

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28.74 LBS
1642981 - Big Block Ford 429-460 1969-1978, 28oz Balance, 30 lbs, 176 Teeth

PQ Series SFI Billet Steel Flywheel - Ford 429-460 Big Block 1969-78, SFI rated, 176 Teeth, 30 lbs, External Balance (drilled for 28 in-oz weight).

PRW SFI-Rated flywheels raise the bar in the high performance industry. The combination of top quality and reasonable pricing sets new standards. We know that when you receive your new PRW performance components, you will have no trouble seeing what the excitement is all about.

These SFI-Rated Flywheels are engineered to handle extreme duty applications and designed to take the punishment of todays high horsepower engines. PRW billet steel flywheels are CAD engineered and precision CNC machined to strict tolerances. The choice of 5 out of 6 winning engine builders at the Engine Master Challenge four years running, PRW billet steel flywheels were awardedBest New Product of the Year at the 2006 Hotrod & Restoration Show. Every flywheel is engineered for excellence and rigorously inspected throughout the manufacturing cycle to ensure that our customers receive the quality that they have come to expect from PRW products.

SFI certified
Manufactured from 1045 Billet Steel
CAD Engineering and CNC Machined
Award winning designs year-after-year

Clutch Application Notes
11 Long with 5/16 Bolts
11.5, 12 Long-Diaph
11 Diaph Ford Trucks Even Pattern