1739001 - Ford FE 332-428 2 -bolt replacement, 4 Each

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Strengthen the bottom end of your engine - PRW Billet Steel Main Caps raise the bar in the high performance industry. The combination of top quality and reasonable pricing sets new standards. We know that when you receive your new PRW performance components, you will have no trouble seeing what the excitement is all about. PRW Billet Steel Main Caps offer excellent strength at a reasonable cost. They're made from precision-machined high strength steel, which has the proper balance of strength and flexibility to allow transfer of increased shock loads to the crank and bearings. These main bearing caps will improve your engine performance and reliability by eliminating main cap walk and reducing main bearing bore distortion.

CNC machined
Manufactured from 1045 Billet Steel
CAD Engineering and CNC Machined
Manufactured from 1045 low carbon steel

Stabilizes the entire crankshaft rotating assembly