1300111 - Low Profile ETS Accessorized Unit

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230.00 LBS
1300111 - Low Profile ETS Accessorized Unit

PRW Racing Engine Test Stand -

The U.S. Patented (US 7,810,799 B2) PRW Racing Engine Test Stand is the first U.S. Patent collapsible design that is manufactured with standard parts and readily available replacement parts from the manufacturer. For the small shop or race trailer, the ETS is a real space-saver when collapsed. It is available as a base unit for the do-it-yourselfer, or accessorized with a radiator, electric fan, fuel cell, pre-drilled instrument panel, on-off switches, momentary starter switch, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, and 0-8000 RPM tachometer. The Low-Profile ETS is designed to accommodate most engines and built to meet the demands of high-output racing engines and heavier big blocks, taking mobile engine test stands to a whole new level of functionality.

The ETS is also available with a "Short Block Adapter" that allows the mechanic to "build" the short block, and then rotate the engine to the upright position, just like a typical engine stand. Then temporarily support the short block and install the center supports, remove the rotating head unit, and re-attach the rear engine supports to finish the engine assembly. After final assembly, install the fuel cell, plumb for fuel, wire the electrical, connect the battery, and you are ready to run! Obviously, we have over-simplified the necessary preparation and hard work; but a great deal of satisfaction can be gained with the knowledge that your customer's engine is ready and worthy to be installed in their hot rod, race car, street machine, truck, boat or off-road vehicle.

*May require additional fabrication.  Please contact us for details.


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